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      Specialized to defend against bots

      Serving 260,000+ enterprises worldwide,

      processing 800,000,000+ requests per day,

      GeeTest enables digital businesses to secure control of their API against bots.

      Book Trial Account


      We protect your websites, mobile Apps and APIs from bot threats.

      Web Scraping

      Prevent valuable content theft.

      Ticket Scalping

      Prevent fraudsters from automatically obtaining tickets for resale.

      Bonus Abuse

      Prevent attackers from automatically acquiring lots of bonuses and gifts from your site for their financial gain.

      Abusive Traffic

      Effectively reduce abusive traffic and prevent platform resources from being maliciously wasted.

      Fake Comments

      Prevent bots from artificially inflating or deflating public endorsements and distorting comments.

      Spam Email

      Prevent the spread of spam email.

      Account Takeover

      Prevent brute force and credential stuffing attacks and protect account security.


      Over 260,000 enterprises worldwide chose GeeTest. We are experts at catching bots.












      Why our solution is better

      By introducing artificial intelligence into CAPTCHA, GeeTest makes CAPTCHAs easier for humans but harder for bots.

      Security guaranteed by technology

      Powered by massive volumes of biometric data collected in the past 6 years, GeeTest built a self-learning defense model based on Graph Convolutional Networks (GCN). While identifying bad bots across all GeeTest-protected sites, our superior technology constantly learns and adjusts itself. By analyzing over 200+ parameters, our dynamic defense model provides you with a broader and deeper understanding of bot activities associated with any API.

      Faster & Fun

      End-users often suffer from the world's hardest game - CAPTCHA. But with just one click they can pass, our superior technology makes it possible to lower CAPTCHA's difficulty level, and thus shorten the time needed to pass a CAPTCHA. In addition to the answer, we focus more on biometric data, such as mouse movement, click points, gyroscope data, etc. Therefore, our CAPTCHA test saves more time and effort for users without sacrificing security. To create a better user experience, we introduce gamification, which makes solving CAPTCHAs a fun and effortless experience.

      Better services

      Our technology is available in 88 different languages and supports customized CAPTCHA service. In the dashboard, you can not only view the visualized security analysis, but also create your unique CAPTCHA. We consider ourselves as an extension of your team and offer 24/7 support. Your satisfaction is our greatest motivation.






      Customized color theme for widget
      Customized size of widget
      Customized pop-out styles of challenges


      Customized types of challenges
      Customized difficulty levels of challenges
      Average time needed to pass a CAPTCHA
      Average time needed to pass a challenge


      Language support
      Solution for emergency
      Service team
      24/7 service

      Talk is cheap.

      Experience our interactive DEMO now!

      • Intelligent combination
      • Slide
      • Click

      The CAPTCHA challenge that is presented to the end user will transform automatically according to mouse track and other security policies. To promote security, Slide and Click challenges will appear with certain probability.

      • Intelligent combination

        The CAPTCHA challenge that is presented to the end user will transform automatically according to mouse track and other security policies. To promote security, Slide and Click challenges will appear with certain probability.

      • Slide

        During the verification, multi-dimensional information such as the mouse track and equipment information will be collected. This information is analyzed in real time to tell humans and bots apart.

      • Click

        Mouse track and equipment information are collected to differentiate bot from human. The neural network is introduced for rapid picture style transformation. The transformation will promote the difficulty level for bot exponentially with zero friction to users.

      Contact Us

      Integrate anywhere, on any device


      We provide quick deployment and throughout support, which provides protection for your website ASAP.

      Check Integation Docs

      Mobile Apps

      We provide iOS and Android SDKs that bring security to your consumers anywhere and at any time.

      iOS DocsAndroid Docs

      Contact us

      After you submit your registration, you will receive an email containing a link.

      We have sent a link to: .

      Resend the link (60s)


      dialog icon Created with Sketch.


      同時,您也可以發送郵件到 [email protected] 復制,我們收到郵件后會盡快與您聯系。




      我們推薦使用以下瀏覽器 :

      如果需要幫助,請聯系我們 :


      [email protected]

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